Samsung Galaxy Bloom foldable phone confirmed at CES 2020

Samsung Galaxy Bloom confirmed

The rumours surrounding a folding clamshell phone from Samsung have been around for a while and now it looks like we have confirmation on the name. A secret meeting at CES has revealed the Galaxy Bloom as the new foldable phone from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Bloom

Image leaked from Galaxy Bloom meeting

Initial rumours pointed to the clamshell folding screen would be the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 but it looks like that won't be the chosen name. Reports have been coming from various sources that the manufacturer held a secret meeting overnight at CES 2020.

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During the meeting, attendees got to see the confirmed folding screen clamshell from Samsung. The Bloom name was first teased as a codename but it looks like that is what the phone will be called. The Samsung Galaxy Bloom will also drop the plastic screen that debuted on the Galaxy Fold.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Instead, the Galaxy Bloom has a glass display covered with a new glass called UTG, or Ultra-Thin Glass. The foldable clamshell is going to be on offer in both 4G and 5G variants so we should see two price points. Other than the name and the new display covering that's about all we know about the new phone.

Samsung Galaxy Bloom design

Another little tidbit that came out of the clandestine meeting is the inspiration behind the design of the Samsung Galaxy Bloom. A translated report from the meeting shows that Samsung CEO, DJ Koh explained that the design was inspired by the makeup compacts from Lancome.

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The design was apparently chosen because this model of a foldable phone is aimed at younger female smartphone users. As they are familiar with the folding compact format, it is thought this configuration may be more appealing than the Samsung Galaxy Fold.