'iPhone Killing' Samsung Phone Leaked

What is the Samsung Galaxy Alpha?

Samsung certainly has been busy this year, releasing the likes of the Galaxy S5 and S5 Mini, whilst working on a premium Galaxy F model and the upcoming Galaxy Note 4, but it looks like on more handset could be added to the list.

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha as it’s currently known, has had a number of leaks go online in a matter of days, making many people believe that it could well be an ‘iPhone killing’ Samsung phone.

Will the Samsung Galaxy Alpha be a hit?

What is the Samsung Galaxy Alpha?

Featuring a metallic frame similar to that of the iPhone, the Galaxy Alpha is set to be released during September, which is likely to be the month that Apple unveils the iPhone 6.

Unfortunately for Samsung fans, the Alpha still sports a faux leather plastic back cover, something which has been heavily criticised since making an appearance on the Galaxy S5, with many Samsung fans wanting a metal finish.

The specs make up for this disappointment though, with a 4.7” Super AMOLED display featuring on the front of the handset, and 32GB of storage squeezing into the device.

There’s no sight of any SD card support though in any of the leaked pictures, hinting at a non-expandable memory, something Apple has become infamous for, despite calls for extra memory from users.

The features from the Galaxy S5 flagship phone have stuck around on the Alpha, which is brilliant news for those investing in the upcoming handset.

This means that the back based heart rate sensor and the fingerprint scanner, which is based in the home button of the device are both included, making for an interesting battle for the iPhone 6.

Other features like Samsung Knox, S Health, Kids Mode and Ultra Power Saving Mode are also likely to be included in the handset, despite not being mentioned just yet.

Will the Galaxy Alpha really be the S5 Neo?

Could it be an iPhone 6 'Killer'?

In terms of design, the pictures show a similar design to the S5 flagship handset, whilst being notably smaller than the hugely popular handset.

One thing worth noting though is that this handset isn’t to be confused with the Samsung Galaxy F handset, which itself has been leaked heavily over the past months, but features a metallic back case rather than a metallic frame.

However, this leak could well end up to be a renamed version of the Galaxy S5 Neo, which had received plenty of rumours in previous months, only to get barely mentioned in recent weeks.

Until we get an official announcement from Samsung though, it’s unlikely that we’ll be getting any definitive proof that the Alpha does in fact exist, as currently we’re only working from online leaks.

For now, it’s probably best to take any information about the Galaxy Alpha with a pinch of salt.

So, what are your thoughts on the rumoured ‘iPhone killing’ handset? Do you think it could dent Apple’s iPhone 6 release? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield