Samsung Galaxy A8 Leaked Ahead of Launch

Galaxy A8

Samsung has apparently been putting in a lot of work in between the launch of the Galaxy S6 and the upcoming Note 5, with the Galaxy A8 leaking multiple times in recent weeks.

Everything from live images of the phone, down to specs and even promotional brochures featuring the handset have made appearances, giving us plenty to read into.

Samsung Galaxy A8 Design

What do you think of the Samsung Galaxy A8?

Following the trend that was set by its predecessor, the Galaxy A7, the A8 keeps the full metallic trim along the edge of the chassis, making for some extra protection and a touch of class.

On top of this, Samsung is reportedly making the A8 its thinnest smartphone yet, sizing up at just 5.9mm thick. This is a full millimetre thinner than the iPhone 6, so if you decide to pick up the A8 you can always brag about that to your Apple favouring friends – although we’re yet to see if it’s vulnerable to bending in tight pockets.

Another part of the phone that’s managed to cut some of its weight is the bezels around the display, which are now nearing an ‘edge to edge’ style.

The button placement is fairly standard, with the volume rocker and lock button on each side of the A8’s chassis like normal. Samsung has packed in a physical home button as well, just underneath the main display, which also works as a fingerprint scanner like the one on the S6 and S6 Edge.

Overall, it seems that the design team at Samsung has done some great work with the A8, and definitely deserves some kind of award for its efforts.

Galaxy A8 Specs

It’s not only the design which has been improved on the A8, with Samsung also stuffing in a host of new components to play with as well.

The previous 5.5” display has upped sticks and been replaced by a 5.7” effort, which packs the very same 1080p Super AMOLED technology behind it.

Is this the thinnest Samsung yet?

A Snapdragon 615 chipset also makes its way into the device, whilst a 1.5GHz octa-core processor keeps things running quickly underneath the hood.

Internal storage is limited to a single 32GB option, which should be enough for most smartphone fans, although there is a MicroSD Card slot which can add up to 128GB extra storage if you happen to need that much as well.

Two day battery life is secured with a 3050mAh battery, although we reckon you’d have to be pretty frugal with your usage rates to get a full 48 hours out of it, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Camera fans should be kept in good spirits thanks to a 16 megapixel rear lens, whilst a 5 megapixel selfie snapper is perfect for handling video calls on the go.

Full 4G compatibility is included with the Samsung handset, whilst Android Lollipop is also set to be included, making for a good all-round device – albeit not quite at a flagship level.

Samsung is likely to reveal the A8 officially in the very near future, so don’t be surprised to see it going official sooner rather than later. Of course it could wait until IFA if it wanted, but that seems a long way off for a phone being leaked so much.

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Written by Luke Hatfield