Samsung fined over HTC-bashing

Samsung fined over HTC-bashing

We reported on the allegations that Samsung had been paying people to discredit the Taiwanese phone manufacturer HTC some months ago, and today a court has ruled that Samsung must pay $340,000 (£209,000) in damages.

According to reports, Samsung paid students to write damning online articles about HTC, persuading users to buy Samsung instead.

At the time that Samsung’s bad conduct was revealed, the company released a statement on its Facebook page, apologising for its underhand actions.

Following today’s outcome, however, Samsung released a statement claiming it was “disappointed” with the Taiwan Fair Trade Commission’s findings.

The sneaky tactics used by Samsung certainly wouldn’t have helped HTC’s fortunes, which have been dwindling over the past year. Although the company’s flagship model, the HTC One, claimed many awards, this failed to transpire into sales. In fact, HTC reported a drop in its global market share from 10% to 2% in the third quarter of 2013.

As a result HTC has found it increasingly difficult to compete against other large manufacturers like Samsung, which currently dominates the Android market.

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel