Samsung Discontinues S6 and S6 Edge Variant

Samsung Smartphones

Samsung has made a pretty strange move with its latest flagship smartphone, after it began to pull one of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge memory options offline.

The 128GB version of both Samsung models has been removed from the company’s official website in a number of countries, pointing towards a possible global discontinuation of the handset.

Why get rid of it?

Samsung doesn’t pull its devices from sale very often, especially only a couple of months after launch, but it seems that it’s doing exactly this with the larger version of both the S6 and S6 Edge.

It’s likely that the decision has been made thanks to the 128GB version’s ridiculously high price tag, which tops the £700 mark here in the UK.

The fact that this comes as a huge chunk out of any monthly pay packet will have definitely deterred potential buyers. But also, as there is a 32GB and 64GB version of both handsets also on show it’s likely that they invested in one of those instead.

Plus, with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 also on the way in a matter of months, it seems that Samsung is accepting that keeping its 128GB version of its S6 handset simply won’t be cost effective.

With the same specs under the hood for the other handsets as well, it doesn’t make any sense for consumers to splash the extra cash if they only plan on using 64GB of memory, making it a no-brainer for the South Korean company.

Can I still grab one?

Can you still buy the S6?

Lucky for you, some Samsung websites (including our own UK one) are still offering the 128GB variant, but with sites including the Netherlands and India pulling their offerings down, you may be better off grabbing one now instead of waiting.

Of course, just because India and the Netherlands are no longer stocking the improved storage option, it doesn’t necessarily mean that other sites will – but if we’re being honest it’s likely to be something of a domino effect.

If you do happen to miss out on the UK site, you could always order from another Samsung site or by simply going down the high street, whilst Ebay and other sites could also feature them.

Even still, you can expect to shell out approximately £720 for the 128GB S6 model, and £830 for the S6 Edge memory topper.

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Written by Luke Hatfield