Samsung Built Windows Phone in the Works

Samsung Windows Phone

Could the roles be reversing between Nokia and Samsung? We all knew Nokia is working on an Android phone, but now Samsung is working on a Windows Phone as well.

Whilst this isn’t unheard of, a move like this from Samsung proves that the Windows operating system is being considered as a big deal by manufacturers.

Microsoft has been reportedly offering large sums of cash to manufacturers if they use the software and it is unknown whether Samsung has accepted this offer, or has been working on the handset for a while.

This comes after Sony decided to work with the Windows Phone system on one of its upcoming models.

It comes as no surprise to see the growth from the Windows system, which showed record growth since releasing Windows Phone 8, which is set to update to 8.1 later this month.

Notorious internet leaker @evleaks revealed some details about the upcoming Samsung handset, which has some striking similarities to Samsung’s Galaxy S handsets.

It will reportedly be called the Huron, which is also the name of an aged Intel processor, and will sport a 5” screen.

Other details are still yet to be revealed, but until we get official confirmation of the handset, which could well be revealed at MWC this month, we will simply have to wait.

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Written by Luke Hatfield