Samsung Announces Simultaneous UNPACKED Event

Could the Galaxy Note make an appearance?

It looks like Samsung has spilled the beans on when it plans to unveil its latest hardware, after it officially sent its invitations out for its UNPACKED event.

The event, which has already drawn plenty of attention since its announcement earlier this week, ios set to be held simultaneously on September 3rd in three different cities across the globe.

The main event will be held in Berlin, where the world’s press will already be stationed for the upcoming IFA conference, which itself kicks off on September 5th.

Events will be held at the same time in New York and Beijing, to ensure worldwide coverage of the manufacturer’s event.

What can we make out from the Samsung invite?

Galaxy Note 4

The main piece of kit on everyone’s lips for this event is obviously the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung’s main money making phablet offering, which has seen critical acclaim since its original release.

The Note 4 is rumoured to boast a 5.7” QHD Super AMOLED display, a Snapdragon 805 chipset and a 16 megapixel camera.

Also expected to feature in the handset is 128GB internal storage, 4GB RAM and a retina scanner, making it one of the most advanced pieces of commercial kit available on the market.

Rumours are also circling of the possibility of a curved YOUM display making the cut on the device, but Samsung is keeping quiet about any possible features of the phablet.

The long leaked Samsung Galaxy F could also make an appearance at the event, which is expected to boast a metallic design to match that of the HTC One M8 and iPhone.

Until recently, the rumoured Samsung Galaxy Alpha was also expected to feature in the Samsung hosted event, but now it’s due to be revealed beforehand, to avoid overcrowding the exhibition of devices.

Could this slogan giveaway the Note 4's presence?

Wearables from Samsung

It won’t be all about smartphones and phablets though if rumours are to be confirmed, as Samsung could also reveal some more wearable tech, after its Galaxy Gear devices received mixed reviews at MWC in February.

This would also help Samsung keep in touch with the likes of the Moto 360 smart watch, and also with Apple’s widely expected iWatch device, which could be released alongside the iPhone 6 during September.

Any devices revealed by Samsung during the event will likely be on show during IFA, which runs until the 10th September, but a release date will probably be held back until later on during the month, depending on how Samsung plan on marketing the devices.

As always, plenty of smartphone manufacturers will be showing off their wares during the Berlin based event, with the only exception to be Apple, which has always held its own events to ensure all the focus is on its devices alone.

Either way, it’s safe to say that we could have a pretty busy month here at the office during September, but one we definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on.

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Written by Luke Hatfield