Samsung Announce Mobile Game Pad

Samsung Gamepad

Samsung has continued to spread its wings across the mobile market, after announcing that it will be releasing a mobile game pad, compatible with several of its recently released mobile phones.

The smartphone game pad will connect with a device through Bluetooth and can be used to play a series of compatible games, effectively turning your phone into a portable gaming device.

Handsets running the recent versions of Android will see more features available compared to other phones, with the likes of the Galaxy S3, Note 3 and Galaxy S4 taking priority.

The smartphone pad features two analogue sticks along with triggers and four standard buttons and can attach to devices ranging from 4” up to 6.3”.

Built into the pad will be a selection of games compatible with the device which can be downloaded onto the phone for quick access.

The pad will also feature a HDMI slot, to allow you to access your mobile games on a bigger screen if you want to play in the comfort of your own home.

The pad might not compete on a level with the latest next-gen games console releases, but it’s a clear sign of intent from Samsung to try and extend its reach into the gaming market.

It’s unknown just how much the smartphone gamepad will cost, or when it’s official release date will be, but we're expecting it will come too late for Christmas.

By Luke Hatfield