Samsung and Visa join forces for global NFC deal

Samsung & Visa to take NFC Global
Samsung and Visa has just announced a global alliance in an attempt to get NFC (Near Field Comminication) technology into more hands. The contactless payment system allows users to pay for a service with a swipe of a phone via this technology and Visa's payWave.
This isn't new technology though, it has been available for a year but has seen little interest or buy-in from consumers. There is a possibility though that it will feature on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 and this may or may not be the first device that finally gets comsumer buy-in.
NFC is gaining ground slowly and ABI Research has forecast that it will be in almost 2-billion devices shipped in 2017. The real question though is will anyone use it and is there any advantage in the need to carry one less card in your wallet or purse?
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Author: Carmel Brown