Samsung to Increase Galaxy S6 Edge Production

s6 Edge

It seems that Samsung has had to second guess just how popular its latest smartphone duo is going to be, after reports surfaced about the Galaxy S6 Edge having to triple its production numbers.

This mainly comes down to the S6 Edge’s projected purchase rates skyrocketing, following a huge amount of support for the device.

The Age of the Edge Display

What new features are on the Galaxy S6 Edge?

Samsung’s previous edge display toting device – the Note Edge, was seen as a more exclusive handset. However, this time around it seems that fans want the curved display to be much more readily available.

Strangely, support seems to be continued despite the fact that the S6 Edge prices up at around £100 more than the standard S6 – which has no internal differences.

This is a real testament to the design of the S6 Edge, which seems like the main drawing point for potential customers.

In terms of function, the S6 Edge doesn’t even boast too many differences to the standard S6 either – with the biggest addition being the colour glow feature for contacts.

Also, notifications can be portrayed on one of the side displays, with a night clock mode also included for quick access to the time.

In general, the differences aren’t extreme, but many fans seem happy to shell out the extra cash, giving Samsung quite a nice problem to deal with.

More Edge Displays!

Are you planning to buy the Galaxy S6 Edge?

Samsung was originally planning on selling three standard S6 models for every single S6 Edge device. But now Samsung is tripling its Edge production so that both devices will be sold on a 1:1 ratio if all goes to plan.

This was first thought to be too much of a task for Samsung – with the Edge displays being fairly troublesome to produce. But Samsung is apparently enlisting the help of more screen manufacturers to help meet the demand.

Samsung will be aiming to have all of the handsets it needs ready by the release date – which currently stands at April 10th.

Of course, it won’t be a complete disaster if the S6 Edge sells out fast, as it will give the handset a real ‘must-have’ aura. But in terms of sales, Samsung would like to avoid this if it can.

Either way, it seems that a trend for edge displays could be starting to grow – leading to rumours surrounding a dual edged Galaxy Note model later on this year.

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Written by Luke Hatfield