S6 Edge Plus to Start Pre-orders on August 21st

S6 Edge Plus

Samsung is all ready for its next unpacked event, which is set for the 13th (tomorrow) if you didn’t know already. But whilst we’re set to see the likes of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus at the event, it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to get our hands on them immediately afterwards.

Thankfully, it seems that the French version of the Samsung website has let things slip about the possible release date of the S6 Edge Plus…

Happy Samsung Accident!

The France based official website posted the S6 Edge Plus pre-order page online for a brief period of time, showing off a whole host of details about the smartphone’s launch.

It seems to claim that the successor to the S6 Edge will be officially up for pre-order from August 21st, just over a week following the phone’s announcement. This period will last through until September 3rd, meaning that the phone will ship to customers from the 4th should all go to plan.

It’s worth noting that as this news comes from the French website, it could mean that other countries will have other release dates. However, this isn’t the most likely of moves, and if there is any differences, we wouldn’t expect them to be much longer than a few days between them.

Will the S6 Edge Plus be a decent smartphone?

Free Samsung Gifts!

The online posting also revealed that customers who pre-order the phone will also get their hands on a couple of free gifts from Samsung as well. Shoppers will get a pair of Bluetooth headphones that can be used with the phone, along with three months access to Google Play Music.

This should help tempt plenty of consumers into buying, especially those who were somewhat undecided about upgrading.

Unfortunately, this deal hasn’t been confirmed in the UK, seeing as the leak was directly from the French site, so it could be that we don’t get offered this deal. However, Samsung is likely to sweeten the deal somehow, so we shouldn’t be left wanting.

What about the Note?

What about the Note 5?

Unfortunately, this leak doesn’t give us any word on the Note 5’s release date, and doesn’t suggest that the Edge Plus will be coming in alongside it.

However, it would be an odd move to see Samsung delay its much loved Note handset behind the newer S6 Edge Plus handset. Lucky for us, we won’t need to wait too long to find out with the smartphone’s official launch tomorrow.

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Written by Luke Hatfield