S5 Mini Leaks Ahead of Impending Release

Galaxy S5 Mini Leaks Ahead of Release

Samsung users have reason to rejoice, after pictures and specs for the upcoming Galaxy S5 Mini leaked online, adding more fuel to the fire of the rumours of an impending release over the next few weeks.

The S5 Mini, which is obviously the latest version of the Galaxy Mini line-up, sports a similar design to the flagship S5, with the same plastic casing downsizing for the handset.

The S5 Mini could be in stores by the end of the month

The S5 Mini is set to feature a 4.5” Super AMOLED display with a 720p resolution, which gives out a surprisingly good image quality despite the 'Mini' moniker.

Behind the scenes 1.5GB RAM and 16GB of expandable storage find their way into the S5 Mini, offering up plenty of room for all of your pictures, music and apps, something other miniature handsets have struggled with in previous years.

An Exynos 3 Quad chipset also finds a home in the S5 Mini, which is a notable difference to the Snapdragon chipsets we often see in Samsung handsets but shouldn’t cause any issues down the line.

Also, a quad-core 1.4GHz processor tops off the internal specs sheet, making the S5 faster and more responsive compared to the S4 Mini’s dual-core effort last time out.

Unfortunately we won’t be seeing the same snapper from the S5 flagship handset make its way onto the S5 Mini, with Samsung instead opting to keep the same 8 megapixel lens from the S4 Mini in an effort to keep the price tag down.

Will you consider picking up the S5 Mini?

The front facing snapper has seen a slight improvement, upping from 1.9 megapixels to 2.1 megapixels, with 1080p video recording making an appearance on the front side of the handset as well.

One thing Samsung has thrown into the S5 Mini though is several of the key features that has made the S5 flagship such a success, with the fingerprint scanner and heart rate sensor both squeezing into the smaller device.

The IP67 protection rating is also still intact on the S5 Mini, giving you the opportunity to dunk your handset in water around 1 metre deep for approximately 30 minutes.

Android KitKat is available right from the get-go, as well as featuring Kid Mode, Samsung Knox and Ultra Power Saving Mode, along with plenty other Samsung features.

If wearable tech floats your boat, the S5 Mini will also support connections with all of the latest Samsung Galaxy Gear models; including the Gear 2, Neo and Fit.

The S5 Mini shows a clear size difference to the S5 flagship

Samsung will be holding a press event tomorrow (June 12th), which will most likely feature its tablet range, but it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the S5 Mini make some sort of appearance here either.

If it doesn’t, we can expect the latest miniature model from Samsung to make its way into stores sometime in July, as to avoid the guaranteed Apple domination of Q3, with the upcoming iPhone 6 release.

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Written by Luke Hatfield