Samsung Galaxy S5 Active Leaked

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active

Leaks have officially appeared online showing the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active gearing up for a European launch after its AT&T exclusivity agreement came to an end in the US this week.

The S5 Active is obviously the successor to the S4 Active, and is designed as a more versatile and rugged smartphone experience without sacrificing specs.

Previously the S5 Active was held in a strict deal with US carrier AT&T, meaning that the only way to get the handset was through them, but now it looks like that deal is no longer exclusive.

Would you consider buying a camouflage phone?

S5 Active Design

Leaked images of two models of the device have surfaced thanks to SamMobile, showing off the S5 Active in its brand new European style.

One of the handsets comes in a fairly standard grey design, whilst the second boasts a unique camouflage style, ideal if you fancy something a bit different.

In terms of design, it’s a whole new kettle of fish from the S5 on the S5 Active, with the one physical home button replaced by three.

Also, the perforated back design has been swapped out for a harder styled plastic version, surrounded by a tough buffer edge, meaning that if you drop it, it’s less likely to end up damaged.

 On the specs front, we aren’t getting any change from the US version of the device, with a Snapdragon 801 chipset, 2GB RAM, 5.1” Super AMOLED display and 16 megapixel snapper all making the cut.

The only real design difference between the two we can tell is that the carrier branding has been taken off the device, along with the S5 Active moniker.

Which S5 Active would you buy?

S5 Active Price

The price of the S5 Active is expected to settle at €629, which adds up to approximately £500 sim-free, whilst pay monthly deals could vary from the £25/month mark upward depending on tariff.

We haven’t been able to confirm a release date for the S5 Active just yet here in the UK, but with leaks beginning to surface, it’s unlikely to be too long before it hits stores.

Samsung is also taking pre-orders on its Galaxy Note 4 phablet, which is due to be released this month, but has faced a bit of a crisis thanks to a supposed flaw in the handset’s build quality.

Even still, it’s not expected to be much of an issue heading toward the release of the Note 4 or the S5 Active, with Samsung already claiming it isn’t a problem.

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