Samsung Quietly Launches S4 Mini Plus

S4 Mini Plus

Samsung’s made a rather odd move this week, by officially announcing a variant to the Galaxy S4 Mini, a phone which was launched all the back in 2013.

In fact, it’s been quietly launched by the South Korean company, with some site actually stocking the device, which is called the S4 Mini Plus (or S4 Mini Value depending on what market you’re in), last month.

A Long Wait for the S4 Mini Plus…

What's the deal with the latest Samsung smartphone?

What makes this launch even more perplexing is that there hasn’t been much change introduces with the S4 Mini Plus over the older handset. This won’t be good for sales by any means, but if you’re eager to keep the same design from before with a bit of an improvement behind the scenes it could be a wise acquisition.

The only changes are based with the chipset, which ups from the Snapdragon 400 version to a 410 variant, whilst the dual-core processor is getting an extra couple of cores for you to make use of.

The design of the phone is completely unchanged from what we can tell, so don’t expect it to look any better, even if it does perform at a better quality than the two year old handset.

Galaxy S4 Mini Plus Specs

Just in case you can’t quite remember the specs which were tagging along with the S4 Mini, we’ll refresh your mind with the S4 Mini Plus specs…

Boasting a 4.3” Super AMOLED display, you won’t be squinting at the Samsung display, but it certainly comes in much smaller than the more recent smartphone launches we’ve seen.

The aforementioned Snapdragon 410 chipset and 1.2GHz quad-core processor hold things down behind the scenes, whilst the same old 8GB expandable storage and 1.5GB RAM are dependable.

Topping things off is a 1900mAh battery, whilst camera fans are getting a fairly standard 8 megapixel rear facing lens, which works in tandem with a much more modest 1.9mp effort on the front of the phone.

S4 Mini Plus Price

What do you make of the S4 Mini Plus?

One thing which is certain with the S4 Mini Plus is that you won’t be spending a huge amount of cash to get your copy of the phone.

Listed on numerous European websites already, we’ve found the S4 Mini Plus for as cheap as €190, which translates to around £130 here in the UK, all without a SIM card included.

If you’re eager to grab one, you’ll also be thrilled to hear that there’s no waiting around required, as the phone is up for grabs already!

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