Roaming charges in EU will fall from today

Roaming charges in EU will fall from today

Following the news that roaming charges will be dropped entirely within the European Union from next year, network providers have revealed that the costly fines for using your phone abroad will be reduced from today.

It has been calculated that making a call from abroad will reduce by 17%, while receiving a phone call will cost you 12% less than before. Sending a text message will also be cut by 11%, and using the internet or internet-enabled apps will be 36% cheaper.

Bringing down the price of roaming charges within the EU will have huge implications for both consumers and mobile phone networks, as the changes are likely to increase the competition amongst network providers, thus bringing the prices down for users. It will also encourage those that travel for business or leisure to use their phones to a greater extent whilst abroad, as they would at home.

The new prices should mean that it will cost:

  • 20p/minute to make a call
  • 6p/minute to receive a call
  • 7p to send a text message
  • 38p/megabyte to download data or surf the web

An EU spokesman also confirmed that we will be seeing further cuts by next summer, amidst new plans to abolish roaming charges within the EU altogether.

But Scottish independence could mean roaming charges for English…

On the other hand, a Scottish minister has warned that we could see roaming charges come into play when mobile phone users cross the border into the country if Scottish Independence goes ahead.

Whilst roaming charges might be coming down, this could spell bad news for English people either visiting or living close to the Scottish border. It could also mean bad news for Scottish mobile phone users too, as the British government is currently spending considerable amounts to improve internet connectivity in rural parts of Scotland, which its citizens would lose out on if Scottish Independence becomes a reality.

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel