RIM extends call for more BlackBerry Apps

RIM extends call for more BlackBerry Apps

With 2012 being one of the most dramatic years in the smartphone world, and with all the talk focussing on Samsung, Apple and HTC, it is hardly surprising that BlackBerry has hardly got a look in. But now the Canadian manufacturer, Research in Motion (RIM) is attempting to fight back by releasing the BlackBerry 10 OS and accompanying handset later this year.

It would seem that it’s not just the handset which is getting an overhaul in BlackBerry’s launch of its new OS, though. Not only have developers announced a change of name from the ‘BlackBerry App World’, simply to ‘BlackBerry World’, but now RIM is on a rampage to pump up the number of apps that feature within its app store.

On previous occasions, RIM has launched 36 hour-long content calls for app developers to adapt apps from other platforms, making them compatible with the BlackBerry 10 OS. In the weeks before the official launch, RIM has extended its latest Port-A-Thon incentive programme for app designers in the hope that the number of apps submitted will push app availability for users to an all-time high.

Alec Saunders, the Vice President of Developer Relations for RIM, has announced on the BlackBerry Developer blog: “The fact is, the volume of apps being submitted for review and entry into the program has been remarkable”. He goes on to say that the recent call for apps produced 15,000 submissions, which has led to the company extending the deadline in the aim of attracting even more. 

This isn’t a free exercise for RIM, however, as the Canadian company is shelling out $100 (about £63) per app submitted during the Port-A-Thon event, with each developer being permitted to submit up to 20 apps.

It would seem that BlackBerry is taking its re-launch into the mobile phone arena seriously, pummelling cash into where it’s needed to ensure that the BlackBerry 10 will make a dent in the current smartphone market.  We can only hope that all this effort hasn’t come too late for the company.


Written by Charlotte Kertrestel