Qualcomm Unveils New 810 and 808 Snapdragon Chipsets

Snapdragon processors

The Samsung Galaxy S5 hasn’t even been released yet, and Qualcomm has already outdated the chipset that is included in the latest Korean handset.

Qualcomm has unveiled the Snapdragon 808 and 810 chipsets, both of which run at a 64-bit level, and outclass the recently released 801 and 805 efforts.

So, even though the Galaxy S5 handset hasn’t even been released yet, it’s already behind the times in one aspect.

The only securing thought for S5 and other flagship handset owners is that neither the 808 nor 810 chipsets will be commercially available until the first half of 2015.

This puts the likes of the S5, Xperia Z2 and HTC One M8 top of the processing pile for at least eight or nine months, until Qualcomm releases the next batch of chipsets.

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The Snapdragon 810 will be the step up from the 805 of recent months, which is still to be used by the majority of smartphone manufacturers.

The 808 though is the next version of the 801 chipset, which has been used in the most recent smartphone releases.

In terms of power, both of the new technologies are major steps up from the previous models, with the 810 being improved by 80% over the current 801 chipset.

We won’t be seeing much more in recent months from Qualcomm, but if we hear more about the upcoming kit we’ll be sure to let you know!

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Written by Luke Hatfield