Post Office to Launch Mobile Service

Post Office Mobile Network

There could be a new mobile network hitting UK shores this autumn, and believe it or not, it’s being launched by the Post Office.

That’s right, you’ve read correctly; the Post Office is planning a launch of a mobile network after teaming up with one of the UK’s biggest mobile providers.

EE already works with Orange and T-Mobile to provide one of the best mobile coverage services in the UK and is now set to work in partnership with the UK’s very own delivery service to provide another option for UK customers.

The Post Office is currently in the thick of a major modernisation, after calls for several years to improve the services.

Privatisation has also hit the headlines over recent years, leaving the Post Office at risk of diminishing altogether, but this latest strategy could help it win over the UK public.

Currently, the likes of EE, Orange, Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile and Three lead the mobile service market, with the likes of Virgin, Tesco and other smaller services making waves too, and now the Post Office looks set to get involved.

The service is planning on offering mobile coverage to users seeking greater value than some of the offers being made by the other networks on the market, and will use EE’s network to get a foot on the ladder.

It’s likely that the service will be based on the current deal held by EE with Orange and T-Mobile, who currently share masts to ensure the best signal in the country right now.

Having the Post Office’s name will no doubt reach out to elderly users who would rather put their trust in a more well-known name compared to one of a faceless corporation.

Could queues at Post Offices get longer with a mobile network?

Its huge branch network will also provide added usefulness for users without a doubt, meaning users with issues or looking to upgrade could theoretically head to their nearest branch for information, rather than ring up customer services.

The government recently gave the Post Office £640m to help rejuvenate its services, much of which has gone into improving branches as well as upgrading financial services and other areas of the system.

According to the Post Office, around a third of the UK population would consider using the Post Office as a mobile network provider, presumably because of its well-known name and established presence in the local community.

The Post Office is even reportedly considering producing mobile devices of its own to help the service on, meaning we could be seeing smartphones made specifically by the service.

The Post Office mobile network is expected to launch this autumn, and could be fully up and running by Christmas if all goes to plan.

Details on possible handsets haven’t made it out though, with the service likely to be given several months before going into any form of design or production on hardware models.

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Written by Luke Hatfield