Google Play Store Update Hitting Android

Google Play Store

It looks as though Android fans could be getting a part of the Android ‘L’ update early, after Google revealed that its 5.0 version of the Play Store would be hitting Android smartphones this month.

Android fans were slightly underwhelmed last month during Google’s I/O developer conference, when its next update was only revealed as a developer preview model, and wasn’t even given a full name or version number.

But the system is still offering a number of new features as well as improving key areas of the Android software, including battery life.

However, this latest bit of news will hopefully help tide Android users over for the time being, offering up a fresh app store for users to grab their latest games from.

The feature itself doesn’t require a manual download by the user; the app will update itself as long as the user has a version of Android from 2.3 GingerBread or above.

This means that the majority of Android users should be receiving the update over the coming days and weeks, depending on location and network of course.

Could this update mean Android L could be coming soon?

The update itself offers a number of improvements over the previous rendition of the Play Store, with many of them being non-visual alterations.

Firstly, the update will make it easier to communicate between itself and apps to sync data along with other important details.

It also allows for faster security patches, which is becoming more and more important with apps hitting the headlines quite regularly over hacking scandals in recent times.

Also, the update allows Google Wallet users to save offers and deals for later, and even links it to location services, so it can bring up loyalty cards and location based offers as well.

Developers aren’t getting left out either, with the update improving app creation in several different areas.

This update comes after Google released a number of apps that are set to work with wearable tech like the Samsung Galaxy Gear, and with the upcoming Moto 360 along with other bits of kit.

Of course this update also helps boost the wearable hype currently sweeping the planet, meaning smartphone handsets won’t be the only hardware getting a boost from Android this summer.

The update itself gives us an inkling that the next Android software update could well be sooner rather than later.

This would of course result in Google outing its name and version number, something which quite obviously hasn’t happened yet, with many users expecting Android Lollipop to continue the dessert name style from Google.

Android 5.0 is now the heavily favoured version number expectancy, but then again if it does end up being 4.5, we doubt we’ll be seeing any riots breaking out in Silicon Valley.

You can expect to see the Google Play Store update anytime from now through to the end of this month, of course, since there’s no manual download, you won’t be informed about it until you open the store itself, so keep an eye out!

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Written by Luke Hatfield