EE to Cancel Orange Wednesdays Deal

Orange Wednesdays

EE is set to officially put an end to the much-loved Orange Wednesdays deal, which has been running since 2003 in a decision which is not going down well.

EE, which merged T-Mobile and Orange into one network, has had plenty of success in the UK with the movie themed deal.

It had Orange customers get two for one entry to the cinema on a Wednesday by simply texting FILM to 241, the network then replied with a code which you gave to your local cinema for a free ticket.

Is Orange Wednesday really coming to an end?

No More Orange Wednesdays...

However, EE has since revealed that the deal, along with its two for one Pizza Express deal, will be coming to an end on February 25th.

This means that you’ll be able to use the deal just 11 more times before it comes to its untimely demise, but does cover the highly anticipated Valentine’s Day release of Fifty Shades of Grey, so you’ll still be able to save some money to watch that.

The demise of the deal has been linked to a ‘change in viewing habits’ according to EE, which itself could be thanks to the development of Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and other streaming companies.

Netflix currently has over 3 million UK subscribers, whilst Amazon boasts 1.2 million, but neither service can provide viewing of the latest cinema releases, making the decision a bit of a strange one from EE.

As you may have guessed, Twitter has been inundated with complaints from users across the UK slating the decision made by EE.

Some users have already assured EE that they will not be renewing their smartphone contract with the company now that the deal is being discontinued, with some calls being made to other networks to take over the deal.

Here’s just a snippet of the trending topic from the social media website:

EE has been surprisingly quiet about the news since releasing the statement, not rising to any tweets questioning the decision.

This leaves O2 as the premier deal-grabbing network on the market without question, with its O2 Priority deals offering its members exclusive access to pre-sale tickets to gigs and events on a regular basis, with no signs of it coming to an end.

None of the other mobile networks have responded to the news either, as it seems most of the UK is still in shock at EE’s decision to end the lucrative deal.

Either way, it looks like we’ll now have to pay full price for all of our cinema trips from now on. On the plus side, none of our Facebook feeds should get inundated for Orange Wednesday codes anymore either.

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Written by Luke Hatfield