Getting to grips with Orange's 3 own-brand devices at MWC

Orange announces the launch of 3 own-brand devices

Updated 28/02/2013

We were lucky enough to get our hands on the three new devices on the Orange stand at MWC this week.


                                                            San Remo

The main thing that struck me when I had a close inspection of the devices was just how light the Nivo was to hold; it's definitely one to keep an eye on if it ever hits the UK. 

Although the three models, the Lumo, Nivo and San Remo, are not initially being released in the UK, a member of the Orange team informed me that we might catch a glimpse of them on our shelves at some point this year if the initial release proves successful.

Updated 22/02/2013

Network operator, Orange, has today announced that it will launch three Orange devices to be sold in Europe this year.

The first of the three devices includes the Orange Lumo, which sports a 4.5 inch screen, an 8MP camera and runs on the latest edition of Android’s Jelly Bean. The model will be the first Orange mobile phone to be 4G compatible, and will boast super-fast LTE connections.

Orange will also release a larger device, the Orange San Remo, which will have a 4.7 inch display, putting it on the same scale as the HTC One and slightly smaller than the popular Samsung Galaxy S3. However, Orange is boasting that the device will be ultra-slim, measuring in at only 8.2mm thick, which adds to the sleek design of the model.

Finally, the mobile phone network aims to put a tick in all the boxes by releasing a handset targeted at first time smartphone users. The Orange Nivo will have a slightly smaller 4 inch screen, and a 5MP camera, but will run the most up-to-date version of Android.

Orange phones have sold well in the past, with models such as the Orange Dallas and Orange Sydney becoming one of the top selling phones in France, Romania and even the UK last year. However, there’s bad news for Orange fans in the UK; the three devices which will be launched in 2013 are primarily being sold in Romania, Slovakia and Spain, with no plans confirmed as to whether they will hit the shelves of Britain.

Orange will be exhibiting the Lumo, Nivo and San Remo at MWC in Barcelona next week, so we will suss out whether the UK will be missing out as a result of the company’s decision not to sell the devices in the British market. 

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel