Oppo Find 7 Available for Pre-Order

Oppo Find 7 Available for Pre-Order

Those of us looking to pick up a more unique and less popular flagship smartphone have had a tough time of late, with the headline grabbing HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5 taking up most of the mobile phone market since the spring.

 The OnePlus One was a saving grace for those looking to stand out from the crowd, but after implementing a slightly stingy invite system; it left many fans out in the cold.

Step in the Oppo Find 7, coming to the UK all the way from China, and is now fully available for pre-orders.

Packing a jaw-dropping 5.5” IPS display, we can safely assume that you should have more than enough screen to play with.

The fun doesn’t stop with the size of the display either, with the Find 7 boasting an astounding QHD display, making all those Snapchats look as detailed as ever.

What can we expect to see from the Oppo Find 7?

Behind the display we find ourselves absolutely spoilt with specs, starting off with the Snapdragon 801 chipset, capable of running the Oppo handset at breakneck speeds.

A quad-core 2.5GHz processor backs that statement up, helping us open and close the thousands of apps open to the Find 7’s Google Play store without any lag whatsoever.

3GB RAM also helps with the multitasking side of things, meaning we won’t be finding this smartphone struggling to keep up with our hectic lifestyles.

16GB internal storage comes as standard, but for a little extra cash (£60 to be precise), you can double the storage space to 32GB.

It’s also worth noting that both models pack a MicroSD card slot that can stuff an extra 128GB room into the handset as well, meaning you shouldn’t be struggling for space anytime soon.

On the back of the Find 7, we come across a pretty modest 13 megapixel lens that does the job perfectly, whilst on the front side we find a 5 megapixel selfie snapper.

Could the Oppo Find 7 prove a success?

A 3000mAh battery tops of proceedings, which boasts a very interesting rapid charge feature, that is promising us 75% battery life off just 30 minutes plugged into the wall.

In terms of design it’s all pretty simple, available in either black or white, with no other colour options looking as if they could be coming our way anytime soon.

Featuring a brilliantly thin design, the Oppo Find 7 is a beauty on the outside, and a beast behind the scenes, making it an ideal handset for pretty much anyone willing to spend flagship style cash.

When it comes down to the price tag, the Oppo Find 7 tips the scales at £380 for the 16GB version, making it very competitively priced on a costly flagship market.

Pre-orders have become available this week, with handsets set to ship out in the beginning of July, meaning that we should be getting our hands on the Find 7 in a fairly sharpish time frame.

So, what are your thoughts on the Oppo Find 7? Would you consider picking one up this summer? Why not let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+?

Written by Luke Hatfield