OnePlus 2 to go on General Sale


Until now, if you happened to have the OnePlus 2, you were part of quite an exclusive invite-only club. But now you needn’t worry, as the company is officially opening up the OnePlus 2 for general sale, and is also bringing a friend along with it.

Both the OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X are hitting the market for a period of time, no longer requiring you to jump through any hoops to bag yourself an invite for either handset.

Why Invite Only Until Now?

OnePlus has long been using an invite-only scheme for its smartphone launches, in fact, we’re yet to see a phone from the company which hasn’t involved using an invite to purchase it on launch.

The OnePlus 2 is now up for sale!

Still not entirely sure about the new OnePlus phone? Take a look at the OnePlus 2 here... 

This comes down to the sheer demand which the company has when it launches any new device, which is fuelled by the low price which is slapped onto its handsets. The OnePlus One was a great example of this – with the manufacturer unable to match the sheer number of orders for the device.

This invite system allowed OnePlus to bottleneck the number of orders they had at once, ensuring that they could build devices quick enough to keep their customers happy.

Obviously, OnePlus must now have a fair few units for its latest devices available for a Christmas sales bonanza – opening up the sales method into a more orthodox tactic.

Get the OnePlus X Quick

Whilst the OnePlus 2 is opening up for general sale for good, the other phone that’s going on offer is being a bit more stringent with the scheme.

The OnePlus X is taking part, however it will only be on offer for two days, from the 5th December to the 7th. These orders are the only ones that will be confirmed to arrive before Christmas, although the phone will then go on sale for one day a week following that.

This means that you’ll still be able to bag yourself the newer OnePlus X, just not as freely as you will the OnePlus 2 – which will now be on sale for the rest of its lifespan.

You’ve got these for a while…

The OnePlus X is also up for grabs...

OnePlus isn’t expected to launch another handset for quite a while now, so you’ll be best off picking up one of these now, knowing that you won’t be superseded anytime soon.

Given that the OnePlus X has only just arrived, a follow up for that device is a long way off, whilst the OnePlus 3 won’t be rearing its head until Q3 2016. This means that you can start saving your money now if you want to invest in a new OnePlus device on launch, all whilst enjoying either of the two latest devices from the company.

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Written by Luke Hatfield