New OnePlus Phone Teased for October Unveiling


OnePlus has officially began prodding us with pointy smartphone sticks, teasing us about a new smartphone that could be making an appearance later on this month.

Rumour has it that it could well prove to be the long rumoured OnePlus Mini – although the teaser picture does mention a rather noticeable ‘X’ design which could point to another device.

So, what will OnePlus offer us come October 29th?

The OnePlus Mini?

Could this be the OnePlus Mini?

If you hadn’t figured it out by the name already, the OnePlus Mini has been widely touted as a smaller OnePlus phone. It’s already been subject to plenty of forum chatter and leaks, meaning we have a pretty solid spec sheet to work off already.

The leaks claim that the smaller handset will rock a 5” 1080p display, which contradicts its ‘miniature’ nature somewhat. The screen will pack Gorilla Glass 3 and even a force reading technology that works similarly to that of 3D Touch on the new iPhone 6s.

Elsewhere, a MediaTek chipset could be making the cut alongside a 2.2GHz octa-core processor and 2GB RAM. This makes for one of the stronger miniature releases on the market, and one which could prove very desirable for those with smaller hands or pockets.

A 2450mAh battery keeps the phone going, whilst Android Marshmallow is also included through the Oxygen 3.0 OS.

The OnePlus Mini is also expected to boast a metallic frame with a yet unknown Side Touch feature, which we thing could be quite interesting to play with – even though we’re yet to get an inkling about what it can do.

Finally, as with most OnePlus phones, expect a certain degree of hoop jumping to pick one up – with the infamous invite system making the cut again.

What is the OnePlus X?

Oh OnePlus, why do you tease us so?

As we mentioned earlier, the teaser seems to point towards an ‘X’ branding for the upcoming device – but what is the OnePlus X?

Truth it, OnePlus has thrown a bit of a spanner in the works with this teaser, as not many people happen to know what the OnePlus X is. Some rumours believe it to be a completely new handset, whilst others state that it could well be the name of the OnePlus Mini.

The latter of these options certainly seems more likely, as the phone itself (as per its spec sheet) isn’t all that ‘miniature’. Also, we’ve heard next to nothing about another device, so it would prove very surprising to see it as a completely new phone.

Of course, we could well be proved wrong, as OnePlus may well see it fit to offer up a new premium or budget device alongside the OnePlus 2. Either way, we’ll have to wait until October 29th to find out for sure…

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Written by Luke Hatfield