OnePlus 2 to feature fingerprint technology!


OnePlus has been all over the news of late, with talk of its next flagship smartphone getting more and more animated as a launch becomes imminent.

Now OnePlus is beginning to release statements itself about the upcoming phone, with this latest one revealing that we should be getting a bit of biometric technology to play with on launch!

Faster Fingerprints!

Can you wait to play with the OnePlus 2 fingerprint scanner?

It’s actually not too surprising to see fingerprint reading technology making the cut on the OnePlus 2, as it’s becoming a more common commodity on high-end devices. However, considering the price of the upcoming handset we’re not sure how OnePlus is making a profit.

OnePlus is claiming however, that it’s only including the latest and most advanced technology, which apparently makes it work faster than Touch ID, which is quite a statement.

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Apple’s fingerprint scanner is considered the best on the market right now, with it originally being introduced on the iPhone 5s, and since appearing on numerous other devices. It’s unlikely that Apple will be too worried, however if it’s a cheque that OnePlus can cash then it might be something the next iPhone could tackle.

The manufacturer also let slip that it originally planned to give the OnePlus One the same feature, but it didn’t feel that the tech was advanced enough to make it worthwhile for potential customers.

This time around it seems that OnePlus seem happier with the feature, which can record up to five prints for your convenience.

OnePlus 2 Details

Will the OnePlus 2 be better than Touch ID?

The OnePlus 2 has also had plenty of other information revealed recently, with the inclusion of a Snapdragon 810 chipset being revealed by the company most recently.

Also, the company is planning to launch the handset in the world’s first VR event, where potential buyers will be able to get a totally new perspective of the handset when it makes its first appearance.

The OnePlus 2 will also be the first phone to pack a USB-C port, which allows for ‘any way up’ charging, whilst a 5.5” QHD display should also be plenty impressive.

The device is also set to pack the Oxygen OS, which is a twist from the Android Lollipop software which adorns the majority of new flagship smartphones which don’t have an Apple on their back side.

The handset itself is scheduled to launch on July 27th, with a rumoured price tag of just £265, which is around half of the price you’d expect to pay for an equally powerful flagship phone from the likes of Samsung or Apple.

OnePlus will be bringing in its invite-only scheme for the OnePlus 2, so don’t expect picking one up to be easy, although if you do you can count yourself lucky!

So, what do you make of this latest news about the OnePlus 2? Do you think it will be better than Touch ID? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+!

Written by Luke Hatfield