OnePlus 2 Coming Next Year

OnePlus Two Coming Next Year

The successor to the highly controversial OnePlus One smartphone will be released in either Q2 or Q3 next year, according to company executives.

The information comes after two of the OnePlus executives opened up a Q&A session on Reddit, one of the internet’s biggest social websites, within which consumers were allowed to root out more information about things behind the scenes at OnePlus.

Users asked questions about a multitude of subjects, with updates and wearables coming up regularly, whilst talk of a successor dominated the majority of proceedings.

What can you expect from the OnePlus 2?

When will we see the OnePlus 2?

Whilst specs and other intricate details weren’t given out by the OnePlus staff, they did give an approximate release date for the handset, which would be in either Q2 or Q3 of 2015.

This essentially means that we could see a new One Plus handset between April and September of next year, possibly named the OnePlus 2, another piece of information colluded to by the staff members.

The Q&A also revealed that a smaller device could be made by OnePlus to meet demand of the phablet loathers who aren’t such fans of the large display adorning the OnePlus One.

Whether this means the OnePlus 2 will actually be a smaller successor to the One, or if there will be a smaller device unveiled besides the second handset is another question altogether, but one which could prove marketable for OnePlus.

More news came out when the execs were asked how they planned to market the future handset, revealing that the same controversial invite only plan will be staying put for the successor.

The system was hailed as a brilliant strategy at first, but consumers soon got frustrated by the lack of availability for invites, which had far too much demand compared to the supply of OnePlus devices.

Further problems were thrown into the mix when hardware issues, software issues and poorly devised campaigns brought bad press in the way of the company.

However, both OnePlus staff members claimed that pre-orders for the second device would be made available much faster than with the One, which is only getting around to pre-orders now, having struggled since its release to ship units.

Do you think mistakes were made with the OnePlus One?

OnePlus One Mistakes

The executives also admitted that mistakes were made throughout the release of the first device, and claim that lessons have been learnt; with upsizing the staff base the main area for improvement to ensure the company meets the demands of its customer base.

Other features that are set to appear on the OnePlus 2 include Android L support via CyanogenMod, and possibly SD card support, to help improve the size of the memory based on the handset.

Of course, whilst this information does come from a legitimate source, development is obviously in an early stage, so details about the supposed successor could change without warning, so you’re better off keeping your eyes out for more information when it becomes available.

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Written by Luke Hatfield