OnePlus One to Ship Out This Week

OnePlus One to Ship This Week

It seems a long time ago when we first reported of the crazy plans from OnePlus to release a flagship powered phone for a rock bottom price.

 But now it seems that the OnePlus One is finally being shipped out to eagerly waiting fans who’ve been lucky enough to receive invites.

When the OnePlus One was first announced it took the technology world by storm, sporting an incredibly cheap price tag, whilst packing superb specs and a great looking design.

Could you be getting your hands on a OnePlus One soon?

But fans were shocked to find out that you’d need an invite to even have a chance to buy the handset, especially considering that they’d need to smash their old phones to get an invite.

This first invitation method received widespread criticism, leading the company to accept invitees donating their phone to recycling charities.

OnePlus also ran an invitation method requiring consumers to submit their details for a chance to receive an invite, drawing less attention than the ‘Smash the Past’ campaign.

Whilst the marketing strategy drew a lot of positive attention at first, consumers across the globe quickly became bored and frustrated, and have since started berating the company to simply release the phone for general sale.

Even more bad news came the manufacturer’s way this week, with shipping suspended due to the Heartbleed bug threatening to cause numerous problems for the CyanogenMod OS, but it appears that the crisis has been overcome.

Will the OnePlus One ever be available for general sale?

OnePlus One handsets are reportedly shipping to lucky invitees today (June 12th), meaning a lucky few will be able to get their hands on the mysterious handset by the end of the week.

The OnePlus One features a 5.5” full HD screen, up to 64GB internal storage, 3GB RAM, a 13 megapixel main camera and a Snapdragon 801 processor, specs which otherwise cost upward of £500 on most flagship phones.

The CyanogenMod handset though boasts a much more bank account friendly price of £269 (as long as you have an invite of course).

There is still no confirmation if or when the OnePlus One handset will ever be released for general sale, angering huge numbers of consumers who have been drawn to the price tag.

Reports coming out of Europe though suggest that some retailers are likely to stock the device, but will mark up the cost to make more of a profit, again proving inconvenient for consumers.

Will the OnePlus One prove a success?

OnePlus has confirmed however that invites should be easier to attain later on this month, but the method of this process is still to be revealed, with some experts suggesting a lottery based system or first come, first serve style will be determining just who will be bagging themselves the handset.

One thing is safe to say; OnePlus certainly has caused a stir this year, hopefully the phone will be living up to the hype when people finally get their hands on it.

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Written by Luke Hatfield