HTC One M9+ Still in the Works

HTC One M9 Plus

After MWC passed by without a peep of the long-rumoured HTC One M9+, we all thought that the handset was nothing but smoke and mirrors.

However, @upleaks has seemingly confirmed the handset’s existence over Twitter this week – showing us some press shots of the device.

Plus Sized Benefits

What do you make of these leaked HTC One M9+ Pictures?

HTC isn’t pulling any punches with the plus-sized One M9 device, with upgrades coming pretty much across the board on the handset – something which should please One M9 critics.

The first change is obviously the size of the handset; however the growth isn’t actually that noticeable. Upping from 5” to 5.2” the display isn’t ridiculously big, but does offer a bit more bang for your buck in terms of general use.

Another big move is made on the camera front, with the return of the dual camera from the One M8 looking more and more likely. It’s not yet been confirmed whether HTC’s much maligned UltraPixel technology will also make the cut, but rumour does suggest that we could be seeing a 20.7 megapixel lens instead.

Also, at the bottom of the display is another new feature, coming in the shape of a physical home button. Whilst this will provide the primary service of accessing the home screen, it is also set to house a fingerprint scanner – much like what we’ve seen on the latest Apple and Samsung products.

HTC One M9+ Specs

HTC pushed the boat out when it came to the specs on the One M9, so we weren’t expecting too much difference between the two originally.

This pretty much stands true with these leaks as well, with the only major change coming with the display. The screen grows from the 1080p resolution on the M8 to a QHD effort – making the One M9+ a real competitor to the Samsung Galaxy S6, which itself boasts QHD.

Elsewhere, it’s business as usual for the One M9+, with an identical set of specs to the One M9 across the rest of the handset.

One change is noticeable on the design of the phone, which is available in a pretty smooth black and gold colour style. This design isn’t available on the standard HTC device, but we’re yet to see any other colours for the newer device.

Will the HTC One M9 Plus have a fingerprint scanner?

One M9+ Release Date

With press images being revealed online, we don’t expect the wait for the new HTC handset to be too long.

The date currently being discussed for the phones official reveal is April 8th, just over a week following the release date of the HTC One M9.

Pricing details are yet to be announced, but if you were hoping to see it land with a similar price to the One M9 then you may be disappointed.

Of course, for official word on this we’ll simply have to wait for HTC to make an announcement – but for now we’d take all of this leaked information with a pinch of salt, even though it does look legit.

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Written by Luke Hatfield