Ofcom to approve Vodafone and Three's 4G proposals

Ofcom to approve 4G proposals

Ofcom is expected to approve proposals put forward by Vodafone and Three to convert some of the existing 2G and 3G airwave licenses into super-fast 4G.

A public consultation is now being held, which is likely to see a decision made by the communications regulator at the end of March.

Following the news that EE is rolling out 4G to a further nine cities in the UK, this is a small but timely boost for Vodafone and Three, both desperate to get a slice of the super-fast mobile network.

Indeed the importance of gaining a foothold in the 4G market was underlined by Three’s announcement today that it will introduce its “Ultrafast” 4G services with no price premium. The Network’s 4G service will be introduced “as a standard feature on all its smartphone price plans.” The company is aiming to cover 80% of Britain’s population with its Ultrafast services by the end of March.

If Ofcom’s consultation concludes with a positive outcome, both Vodafone and Three will be in a position to launch 4G contracts. This may be before the conclusion of the Government’s auction of 4G radio airwaves, which is likely to run into March.   

Written by Damian Carvill