O2 4G rollout arrives in more UK cities

O2 4G rollout arrives in more UK cities

O2’s 4G service was officially launched late last month alongside that of Vodafone, and today the service will be rolled out across more UK cities.

As of today, 4G will be available in Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Sheffield and Nottingham. This will enable residents of these cities to upgrade to 4G contracts, thus giving users access to the superfast high speed internet.

4G was initially launched last year by operator EE, and until last month, it was the only operator that offered such a service. However Ofcom since auctioned 4G spectrum to other networks in order to create more competition, allowing customers to choose between network operators which offer 4G superfast internet.

According to O2, 9.5 million users across the UK have access to its 4G spectrum, which is due to extend by the end of the year in line with the company’s plans roll out the service to yet more cities.

O2’s rollout follows closely behind that of Vodafone’s which introduced 4G in the same cities just yesterday. With three network operators now offering 4G services, it is expected that 98% of the country will be covered by 4G by 2014.

Do users want 4G?

However, despite significant progress being made in the extension of 4G services, a survey conducted by Mobilephones.com discovered that 86% of mobile phone users wouldn’t consider upgrading to 4G. The main reason given for this was a lack of understanding of 4G and what the service offers, highlighting the fact that while 4G might be available to a growing proportion of the public, unless networks educate its customers about the benefits, a large percentage of 4G will go unused.

Take a look at the full infographic here.

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel