Samsung Galaxy Note5 Set for U-Turn?


Samsung has been walking on egg shells since the announcement confirming that the Note5 handset wouldn’t be heading to the EU market following its launch earlier on this month. In fact, plenty of smartphone fans and retailers alike have lambasted the decision, resulting in an online petition being set up to bring it to Europe.

The move came after Samsung performed ‘market research’ which apparently told them that EU customers don’t use the S-Pen all that much with the Note handset, instead favouring the larger display and multitasking features. This led the company to leave them with the S6 Edge+ as it still provides the larger display, without the faff of the S-Pen coming along with it.

Of course, if you take something away from someone, they’re likely to get annoyed (even if they didn’t particularly want it).

Will the Note5 hit Europe?

Note5 in Europe

If you were mad about the Note5 not making an appearance in your local mobile phone store, then you could be in for a change of mood. One eagle-eyed Samsung fan did some digging on a technology certification website, and found a mystery Samsung device heading to Europe later on this month.

If the Note 5 does get released into the UK you will be able to compare deals here is the site in question, and reportedly claims that on August 28th the Samsung Galaxy Note5 will be announced as an EU handset, S-Pen and all.

It doesn’t mention a release date for the phone however, although if all goes to plan you can probably expect it a week or two after the initial announcement.

In all honesty, Samsung was expected to bring the Note5 to Europe eventually, with many believing that 2016 would be the year in which it arrives. Although it has definitely come from left field to see it coming our way before the summer’s even out.

Will we be using the S-Pen sooner rather than later?

A Smart Samsung Ploy?

This seems to bring up suspicion that Samsung originally confirmed that the Note5 wouldn’t be coming to the EU as a smart ploy to drum up extra interest in the phone. It certainly did get the handset in the news and put the spotlight on the South Korean company, so if it was a plan it’s worked to perfection.

Samsung is known for its smart advertising and over the top, dramatic launches, so this could fit the bill, although it would still be a surprising move from the company as a whole.

Of course, it could all prove to be nothing, so we don’t recommend getting your hopes up just yet. Although it does offer some promising signs heading into the autumn.

So, what do you make of these new Galaxy Note5 rumours? Do you think it might be hitting Europe sooner than expected? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield