Samsung Galaxy Note5 Set for EU Launch in January

Note5 Coming to the UK

Samsung disappointed plenty of people back when it launched the Galaxy Note5, by restricting its launch from certain markets, Europe being the biggest one.

The South Korean company cited a poor attitude toward the S-Pen in many European countries for the absence, and claimed that the S6 Edge+ would be more useful for many fans. Of course, this didn’t go down so well with the big time Note fans across the continent – especially those who had been saving up for it.

However, now it seems that Samsung might be set to do a U-turn on that decision, with reports now surfacing suggesting the Note5 might be in the UK and Europe before the end of January.

Time for Samsung to take Note?

Samsung will most likely claim that this latest move to bring the Note to the UK and Europe will have been in its long term strategy, however it’s more than likely that sheer customer dissatisfaction will have proved the biggest reason why the Note is hitting the EU.

Is the Note5 coming to the UK?

Note fans are a fickle bunch, and in general, nobody likes being told what they can’t buy – a crime Samsung was guilty of following the launch. Now it seems that it’s trying to correct that decision, with both AndroidCentral and Gadgette claiming that a Q1 launch for the Note5 is a certainty in Europe.

Whether this has come fast enough to stop previous Note fans from investing their cash elsewhere is another question. Many fans may well have followed Samsung’s original advice by investing in the S6 Edge+, whilst others could have opted for a phablet from another manufacturer, possibly leaving the Note5 with very few potential buyers.

Recapping the Specs

If there’s one saving grace for the Note5, it’s the handset’s spec sheet, which once again brings a super-powered feel to the fray.

Rocking a 5.7” QHD display, the screen is big and sharp, whilst an Exynos 7420 chipset runs alongside an octa-core chipset and a whopping 4GB RAM. This makes the Note5 one of the most powerful phones to this day, helping you understand just why there was such an uproar when it didn’t head our way at launch.

The 16 megapixel and 5 megapixel camera duo do their job, whilst a 3000mAh battery keeps the Note going for around a day and a half depending on your usage rates.

Will you be buying the Note5?

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Price and Release Date

It’s worth remembering that Samsung hasn’t actually confirmed the Note5’s launch in the UK yet, however, with rumours flying around regarding the launch we doubt the company will be pulling out of a move like this.

Q1 2016 is the most likely launch, possibly being announced at CES, with a full release right at the end of January. Although, Samsung might wait it out until MWC rolls around in March to announce and release the phablet.

However, we’re still trying to figure out just how much Samsung will be charging for the device, although we do reckon that you’ll be splashing a sizeable amount of cash for the phone when it does launch.

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Written by Luke Hatfield