Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Taking Pre-Orders

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung’s concept phablet, the Galaxy Note Edge is finally set to hit the UK, after pre-orders opened up for the hugely anticipated Android device.

Unveiled at IFA in Germany back at the start of September, the Note Edge came as a bit of a surprise alongside the Note 4 handset, sporting similar specs but with an ‘Edge Display’.

Rumours originally suggested that the Edge could be made available early next year, amidst talk of a delayed released, but it appears any issues have since been overcome.

What's your take on the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge?

Note Edge Price

Its innovative Edge Display is sure to draw plenty of interest in the device, although it’s going to come at a higher price than the already costly Note 4 handset, which is priced at £575 sim-free.

In fact, Clove is currently listing the Note Edge at £650 sim-free, making it one of the most expensive phablets on the market alongside the iPhone 6 Plus.

Samsung claims that the Note Edge’s display is ideal for notifications, showing them independently, whilst the main area of the display handles another task.

The curved edge can also be used for quick settings access and other tools, making it a fairly practical piece of kit.

It’s likely that the Note Edge will make a fairly large splash when it does arrive, but Samsung is apparently aiming for just one million sales of the handset this year.

When compared to the likes of the iPhone 6, which itself sold 10 million units over its first week on sale, that figure definitely comes as a bit of a shock. But then again, it could be a ploy by Samsung to make it look like it’s breaking sales targets when it inevitably does top the one million mark.

There could be some realism going into this projected target however, with Samsung apparently marketing the Note Edge as a limited edition concept device, making it much harder to find.

This is being backed by the sales strategy the South Korean company has been using, with it getting released country-by-country.

This means that some markets won’t be seeing the Note Edge before Christmas, but could possibly see a lower price tag once it’s on the market next year.

It appears the Note 4 and Note Edge will boast different release dates.

Note Edge Release Date

For now there is no official release date for the Note Edge, but it shouldn’t be too far off considering that it’s now gone up for pre-order.

A reasonable estimate would be towards the back end of October, giving the Note 4 enough time to make some noise after its October 13th release before taking the reins itself.

Of course, there’s no official word from Samsung as of yet on the Edge’s release date, so don’t be surprised if this does shift quickly , but we’ll be sure to let you know when  any more news comes out about the phablet.

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Written by Luke Hatfield