Could the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Launch Early?

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Release Date

Samsung fans awaiting the next smartphone launch will most likely have their calendars circled for the IFA dates in September for the Note 5 release, but could they be mistaken?

Reports are beginning to claim that Samsung’s next phablet could well be launching early, but can we really expect a new Note handset in the next two months?

A New Note Release Date

When can we expect the follow-up to the Note 4?

Typically, Samsung tends to wait until a couple weeks ahead of IFA to announce an ‘Unpacked’ event in Berlin, where it reveals its new wares to the media which are already assembled for the technology event.

This normally results in all of us getting a glimpse of the phone at around a similar time as the new iPhone launch. However, it seems that Samsung might be trying to avoid this added competition this year by releasing the device earlier.

Rumour has it that Samsung is getting a prototype of the handset ready by the middle of June, with a general launch possibly coming at the end of July, keep upto date with the Galaxy Note 5 prices, release date, features and pay monthly deals right here.

This would give the phablet a strong head start on the iPhone 6s Plus, which is expected to offer the stiffest competition for Samsung’s Note line-up yet.

The iPhone 6 Plus has had a massive impact on the phablet market since its original launch last September, and no one has felt the pinch quite as much as Samsung with its previous dominance of the larger screened market.

This move would probably prove an effective method of countering this problem, although it’s unlikely to drastically alter the phone’s fortunes if the iPhone 6s Plus outguns it.

Galaxy Note 5 Specs

Will the iPhone vs Samsung battle continue with the Note 5?

Samsung is expected to cram plenty of new specs into the Note 5 phablet, with a 5.9” QHD display getting things going.

Other expected components include a massive 4GB RAM, up to 128GB internal storage and even the chance of a deca-core processor.

There’s even some chance of the next Snapdragon Chipset making the cut on the next Galaxy Note phone, although it’s likely that Samsung might stick with the Exynos 7420 chipset showcased on the S6 and S6 Edge.

Another similarity between the S6 and Note 5 is on the design front, with the dual edge display likely to be included on the Note 5 Edge, if Samsung opts to stick with the double releases it’s been doing more recently.

A metal based design will almost certainly be included in an effort to slow down the hype around the aluminium clad iPhone 6 Plus, whilst a brand new Samsung Touchwiz UI could also find a way into the phone as well.

Of course, Samsung won’t cool these rumours down until it officially sends invites out for its launch event, so you can expect to wait a while before confirming the Note 5 release.

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Written by Luke Hatfield