Galaxy Note 4 Facing Construction Issues

Is there a problem with the Note 4?

Samsung’s rush to release the Galaxy Note 4 seems to have come with a pretty serious problem, as users have complained about a build quality issue on the new phablet.

According to reports from South Korea, where the handset was released ahead of schedule, the metallic frame of the phablet is separating from the screen, leaving a fairly large gap.

In fact, evidence is showing that the gap is large enough in some cases to fit a full sized business card, proving a rather large issue for users after a well-built device.

Would you be annoyed if this issue cropped up on your Note 4?

Samsung has commented on the issue, claiming that the problem doesn’t affect the performance of the device in any way, and that the Note 4 meets the ‘strict’ standards expected of any Samsung smartphone.

It neglected to mention however, whether the problem was a widespread one or if it would be getting corrected ahead of its release in the UK and other western markets.

There’s also no word on whether the same issue is going to be present on the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge handset, which is also heading to the UK in the not so distant future.

It’s odd however that the issue is only arising now, with the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Alpha both sporting similar style builds, meaning the issue has probably arisen during the construction of the larger screen.

One plus side to the problem though is that only a minority of Note 4 owners have spoken up about it as of yet, so the problem is either a rare one, or not too noticeable.

iPhone 6 Plus 'Bend-Gate'

Bent iPhones became a mockery online last month

This comes after another flagship phablet had a barrage from the media for a build quality issue of its own, as bent iPhone 6 Plus handsets were portrayed across the internet in comical fashion.

Samsung was one of the companies who made fun of the Apple issue, and now it looks like it might be getting a taste of its own medicine if the internet forums take to the problem like they did with the ‘bend-gate’ fiasco.

Currently, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is still up for pre-orders here in the UK, with Samsung likely to be working non-stop behind the scenes to ensure that the problem isn’t around on the western market when it’s released at the beginning of this month.

Either way, it’s looking like an unwanted issue that Samsung will have to deal with ahead of the busiest portion of the year for smartphone sales.

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