Nokia X2 Officially Launched!

Nokia X2 Officially Launched!

Cast your mind back to February, when Nokia revealed its long awaited Android powered smartphone in front of hundreds of drooling technology writers (ourselves included!).

But now, just four months later we’re seeing a shock successor hit the headlines, with Nokia unveiling the X2, another Android powered handset with a few more fancy specs.

Featuring a similar bright and bold design to the original Nokia X, the X2 looks slightly shinier, thanks to the inclusion of a translucent outer layer, which makes the handset look fresh and unerringly beautiful.

Also, to help aid its design, the X2 boasts a genuine home button alongside the back button which was all alone on the previous handset, making navigation of the phone as simple as ever.

What do you think of the Nokia X2?

The display’s also grown by around a third of an inch, without dramatically increasing the size of the build, to allow for better overall viewing, meaning videos and images should be looking better than ever this time around.

Internally the handset has seen a reshuffle as well, boosting up the chipset to a Snapdragon 200 model compared to the less powerful S4 play version, and seeing the 1GHz dual-core processor grow to a 1.2GHz offering, both of which improve the handset’s responsiveness.

The 3.15 megapixel camera from the Nokia X is upgraded to a more handy 5 megapixel lens, and a front facing snapper has been introduced to the front of the phone, albeit a VGA version for now.

The RAM has been upped as well, swelling from 512MB, to a solid 1GB, meaning we won’t be seeing as much lag when opening and closing apps if all goes to plan on the X2.

The dual-sim functionality sticks around in the X2 as well, letting you manage two different cards seamlessly, meaning work and leisure can be kept completely separate.

The 4GB internal storage space also stays put, with an SD card slot allowing for an extra 32GB of room if you happen to need it.

Also, with the handset still being heavily based on Microsoft, you can expect all of the standard Windows apps to make their way onto the handset, including the likes of Outlook, Skype and Office.

The operating system itself has also been freshened up, allowing more customisation options, an improved home screen and Nokia Fastlane, a feature which offers a similar style to BlinkFeed by displaying all of your most used apps and upcoming schedule on one simple page.

For now, you’ll be able to find the Nokia X in three different colours, with green, orange and black coming right off the bat.

Do you think the Nokia X2 is an improvement over the original X?

Yellow, white and matte black will also be making an appearance later on this year, probably just before Christmas to help boost holiday sales for Nokia.

In terms of the damage the handset could be doing to your bank account, you’ll be happy to hear that the budget phone mantra is in full effect, pricing the X2 up at just £80, far less than your flagship equivalents.

The Nokia X2 will be available globally this July, making it the ideal pick-up for your summer that’s sure to be packed full of festivals and BBQs!

What are your thoughts on the Nokia X2? Will you be investing in it when it’s available? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield