Nokia announces the Nokia X, X+ and XL smartphones

Nokia X smartphone is unveiled at MWC 2014

At a busy press confrence at MWC in Barcelona, Nokia has announced a new range of Android-powered smartphones, the Nokia X, the X+ and the XL.

An Android Nokia Smartphone

The Nokia X- formerly known as the Nokia Normandy- features a Nokia-enhanced version of Google's Android operating system, which contraversially moves away from Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system that Nokia has become synonymous with. 

Instead, the Nokia X's version of Android runs very similarly to that of the Amazon Kindle. Even to the untrained eye, the Nokia X's user interface looks totally different from any other Android, with a strong Windows Phone influence affecting the layout of the phone's interface. 

However, the X only allows users to access its own Nokia app store rather than Google's Play Store. That said, Nokia's app store features all the big name apps, including BBM and even Swiftkey.

However, the Nokia X also has a touch of Microsoft added in too, with apps such as Outlook and Skype preinstalled.

Nokia X Specs

The Nokia X isn't being launched as a flagship smartphone, and the device's sepcs are a dead giveaway of this fact. 

Nokia X smartphone

That said, there's a dual-core 1GHz processor with 512MB of RAM under a 4-inch display. Donning the rear case of the smartphone is a somewhat lacklustre 3 megapixel camera, which isn't really anything to write home about. 

That said, the device is alleged to hit the market with an affordable price tag, meaning this could be the perfect combination between a fun and colourful mid-range smartphone which performs beautifully with its Android operating system.

X+ and XL

The Nokia X+ is in many ways identical to the Nokia X except it has an upgraded RAM (768MB against the X's 512MB) and sports an SD card, allowing users to store games, photos and music to the smartphone without running low on memory. 

Nokia XL smartphone
Nokia XL smartphone in luminous orange

The XL, as you might have guessed, is a larger version of both smartphones, sporting a 5-inch display and a 5MP camera. 

Release Date and Price

The Nokia X is available right now, priced at just 89. However, the X+ and the XL smartphones will not be available until next month. 

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel