Nokia to Announce Lumia 630 in April

Lumia 630

Reports from China are suggesting that another Nokia budget handset could be heading to stores soon, with many expecting it to be the Nokia Lumia 630.

This smartphone would be the natural successor to the Lumia 620 which was released back in January 2013, with a 3.8” display and 512MB RAM.

The Lumia 630 though, will boast a 4.5” display and a healthy 1GB RAM, a pretty big upgrade on the previous handset to say the least.

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Another interesting line coming out of China is stating that this could be the first handset to come with Windows 8.1 built in, meaning that the Cortana voice assistant could make its debut on the handset.

Although these reports can’t be proven, they seem to be what we expected from the handset and there don’t seem to be any notable problems with the leak.

The leak from China also mentioned a mid-April release, meaning that we could be getting our hands on the smartphone well before summer this year.

This comes after Nokia verged into the Android market at MWC, releasing the Nokia X alongside a bunch of other handsets.

We personally quite liked the Nokia Lumia 620 despite its lack of power on paper, due to the surprising speed of the handset and design.

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Written by Luke Hatfield