Nokia Planning Android Phone Release

Nokia Normandy

With Nokia’s impending merger with Microsoft getting ever closer, it seems that there may be one final flash in the pan sometime in the near future, as Nokia plans to release its long rumoured Android phone, codenamed Normandy.

The device is set to run a modified version of Google's hugely popular Android operating system (OS), and is known within Nokia under several codenames, with only one picture of the handset being leaked.

Nokia Normandy smartphoneAs you can see the leaked shots of the Normandy's interface show a remarkably Windows Phone-like home screen, with bright and colourful tiles.

However, the ‘low-end’ mobile phone will be aimed toward the budget phone market and will feature Android's Google Play Store, bringing it a lot more attention than its previous Asha line of phones, which failed to include many key apps consumers wanted.

The phone is scheduled for release sometime in 2014, with Nokia taking a ‘full steam ahead’ approach with the device.

It’s unknown though, how Microsoft will react to the phone's development if it is still waiting to be released when the company merges with the Finnish mobile firm.

There have been rumours circulating for a while about Nokia releasing an Android powered phone, and this seems to be the device that fits that bill.

Whether it actually makes the shelves is still a huge question though, with Microsoft heavily backing their Windows Phone operating system and not so likely to support the release of a phone running a major competitor's OS.

Update: Nokia is still said to be working hard to get the Normandy on the market in early 2014, with this prototype handset leaked via Twitter.

The handset is also rumoured to be revealed by Nokia at MWC in Barcelona in February.

The model will still be based on the low-end of the smartphone market and will be available in multiple colours, similar to Nokia's Lumia range.

An exact cost for the Normandy is still on the drawing board, with many expecting the handset to be in the same price range as the Lumia 520.

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By Luke Hatfield