Nokia Normandy Gets Official Name

Nokia X

UPDATE: Nokia has also began releasing videos featuring green ducks, which are being heavily linked with the Nokia X, one of which you can see above.

The budget Android Nokia Normandy we’ve been hearing about has now been named the Nokia X, after a promotional image was released sporting the name.

The image, which as ever comes from the notorious Twitter leaker @evleaks shows the phone besides the Nokia X tag, confirming suspicions of the name.

The handset had been known until now as the Nokia Normandy, a codename which the device most likely picked up during development.

This is a common occurrence within many companies, with the HTC One+ codenamed the M8 and other upcoming Nokia handsets being codenamed Moneypenny, along with some other rather strange names.

Whilst the name is seeing a change, don’t expect any of the previous specs we reported earlier this month alter though, with the X set to feature a 4” display and 512MB RAM.

The Nokia X will be joining the Asha line of handsets the Finnish company is so keen on, and some models of the smartphone have apparently been shipped to Indian developers to try and drum up support for Nokia’s first Android device.

Whilst the handset is powered by Android, Nokia is expected to replace many Google branded apps with its own, meaning the likes of Google Maps and Play Store will not feature on the X.

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Written by Luke Hatfield