Nokia Launches N1 Tablet

Nokia N1

Nokia has pulled a rabbit out of the hat this week, unveiling a brand new tablet called the N1 in an effort to keep its name out there after its smartphone branding was officially ended by Microsoft.

It’s safe to say that the announcement came as a real surprise for many in the tech industry, with Nokia seemingly happy to let Microsoft take point on the manufacturing front. But it looks as if Nokia isn’t going to fade into obscurity just yet.

The N1 also has a couple of other surprises up its sleeve, with its operating system throwing up some controversy. Android Lollipop will be the software in question, which will no doubt annoy the big wigs at Microsoft considering their Windows Phone OS has been a staple piece of all Nokia devices in recent years.

What's your take on the Nokia N1?

Nokia N1 Specs

In terms of specs, Nokia has produced quite a good piece of kit with the N1. Boasting a 7.9” IPS LCD display made with Gorilla Glass 3, the screen is bright, colourful and more than capable of taking on some of the best tablets in the business.

A 64-bit 2.3GHz Intel processor gives the slate plenty of speed under the hood, and with 2GB RAM also included, multitasking is easily handled as well.

We’re only given one storage option with the N1, which totals 32GB and can’t be expanded upon. Whilst this should be enough for most tablet users, it could deter some high usage device hunters from investing.

On the photography front we’re greeted with a fairly standard set of lenses for us to play with, with an 8 megapixel rear lens accompanied by a 5 megapixel front facing effort.

Topping off the internal details is a 5,300mAh battery, giving the N1 well over 24 hours of use, often lasting up to two or three days.

If the specs didn’t get you interested then the design definitely should; boasting an aluminium built unibody design, the N1 looks like a real quality tablet.

Available in two colours; Natural Aluminium or Lava Gray, the N1 offers a sleek and stylish look which is ideal for any circumstance.

In fact, many are already comparing the Nokia N1 to the iPad Mini; with both featuring the same sized display and metallic construction.

Of course, it will be hard to compare the two tablets until the N1 is officially on the market, so until then we’ll have to compare them on paper, but even still it makes for a close contest.

Release Date/Price

The Nokia N1 will be available to buy from Q1 2015 in China, with other markets getting the slate soon afterwards, meaning we can expect the device in the UK ahead of the summer.

Costing approximately $250 before tax, this means that we can expect us lot in the UK to pay up around £200 for it if all goes to plan.

As we get more info about the N1 we’ll be sure to keep you updates, but until then make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield