Nokia Lumia 920 Available Across UK Networks from January

Nokia Lumia 920 available across UK networks from January

After a period of exclusivity on EE, the Lumia 920, the flagship Windows Phone 8 handset from Nokia, will become available across UK networks from the New Year.

In response to a Q&A session on the company’s UK Facebook page, the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer explained that they “have been working to make the Lumia 920 available from other retailers from January onwards. When we have details of the deals available, we will let you know here on the Facebook page.”

The launch of the Nokia Lumia 920 in November was greeted with much anticipation and largely favourable reviews. However its availability through only one network, and only one retailer in Phones4u, dampened this excitement. High monthly tariffs and reports of teething problems with EE’s service meant that adoption has been slow - stats suggest that Apple sold more iPhone 4’s in November than Lumia 920s.

With a crisp 4.5-inch display that can be used while wearing gloves, a 1.5GHz dual-core processor and 8.7MP camera complete with Carl Zeiss lens, the Nokia Lumia 920 came packed with a set of specs to compete at the top-end of smartphones. Backed by an aggressive marketing campaign, Nokia bet its house on the 920 launching it back into the smartphone big leagues, where Samsung, Apple and even Sony Mobile has surpassed it in recent times. The news that the Nokia Lumia 920 will become available across networks from January will give us a better idea about whether these dreams will be realised.