Nokia attempts to ban the sale of the HTC One in the UK

Will the HTC One be banned in the UK?

After Nokia won a patent infringement with HTC in Europe, the Finnish firm is now set on banning sales of the HTC One in the UK.

The patent disagreement was settled back in.. when a European court decided that HTC had wrongly used a modulator- equipment used to transmit data between phones- designed by Nokia. This latest patent infringement brings the total count up to four between HTC and Nokia over the past few years.

Although HTC has announced that it will appeal the court’s decision, Nokia is now making plans to campaign for a ban on HTC’s flagship model.

Nokia is also planning to ban the sale of the device across other European countries, including Germany and Italy.

It is no secret that HTC is in troubled waters at the moment, with disappointing sales figures for its HTC One flagship amidst a heavily competitive market dominated by Apple and Samsung. If the UK market is closed off to HTC, it could spell disaster to the already ailing company.

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel