New Nokia 230 Feature Phone Goes Official

Nokia 230

Nokia has been kept in the shadows pretty well since Microsoft decided to take over the Finnish company’s smartphone business. But now its name is being thrown back into the ring with the official announcement of a brand new feature phone from the much-loved manufacturer.

Announcing the Nokia 230 this week, Microsoft is effectively reviving the feature phone presence which Nokia once had, and has actually given the new phone quite a stylish look as well.

The Return of Nokia

Nokia hasn’t had the best of times over the past few years, with Microsoft ditching its branding and then following that up with a number of job cuts. However, the Nokia 230 is showing signs of life from the much loved smartphone manufacturer, so much so that Microsoft is seemingly willing to use the Nokia moniker for it as well.

Of course, as it’s a feature phone, Microsoft may want to use Nokia’s name to help create a barrier between the decidedly powerful Lumia handsets and lesser phones, and giving it different branding would do the trick.

With a  2.8” QVGA display, the specs clearly aren’t promising anything too special on the Nokia phone, but it does make an ideal phone as a back-up or if you don’t care for any smartphone mod-cons.

With just 16MB (that’s right – megabytes) of RAM, the Nokia 230 won’t be the biggest multitasker on the market, whilst its lack of internal memory is also telling – although you can use a MicroSD card to offer up some room if you want.

A dual-set up of 2 megapixel cameras, both with a flash, are also thrown onto the phone, providing a decent enough performance should you be a fan of your photos. Meanwhile a 1,200mAh battery is good for around a month’s worth of charge, which is refreshing to say the least.

Fashionable Feature Phone!

Is this the best looking feature phone on the market?

Although the specs aren’t exactly the best on offer, the Nokia 230 does boast a very interesting design which could sway a fair few shoppers into making a purchase.

Most of the phone comes in the standard plastic construction you’d expect from a budget handset, however, the back of the chassis actually comes in a metallic aluminium build, providing a hint of class to a typically non-classy style of smartphone.

The physical keypad also makes for a bit of a throwback feel, obviously meaning that the screen doesn’t boast any kind of interactive functionality.

On top of this, in true Nokia fashion, the handset is sure to be more than capable of surviving a fair few bumps and scrapes without issue, making it much sturdier than most flagship phones we see nowadays.

Also, weighing in at a shade under 92g, you won’t be getting over-encumbered with the Nokia 230 in your pocket either, making it great for on the fly text messaging with one hand.

Pricing up at around £35, the Nokia 230 is an absolute bargain buy ahead of Christmas, with Microsoft pushing the device into numerous markets ahead of the annual festive period.

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Written by Luke Hatfield