Nissan launches smartwatch to track driving

Nissan Nismo smartwatch revealed

We've been keeping a close eye on the big mobile manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple and Motorola to release wearable tech, though less than a week after Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Gear smartwatch, Nissan has revealed its very own smartwatch especially designed for drivers.

The watch, called the Nissan Nismo, not only measures the driver’s heart rate and temperature, like many similar devices, but it also connects with your car to track your car’s performance, including its fuel consumption, distance travelled and miles per hour.

The Nismo is expected to be more popular than the smartwatches being launched by the likes of Sony and Samsung, though, with critics claiming that the Nismo will serve more of a purpose to its users.

Nissan Europe’s marketing communications general manager, Gareth Dunsmore, stated that Nissan’s vistion is to create a range of smart devices which connect mobile technology with cars in order for to spot users’ emotions, tiredness and level of concentration.

Do you think the Nismo would be more useful than the Samsung Galaxy Gear? Or do you think it could distract drivers? Let us know via Facebook, Twitter and Google+, or and post a comment. 

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel