Nintendo Aiming for App Stores

Nintendo Apps

Games developer Nintendo has suffered its third successive annual loss, and looks as if it could hit the mobile market in an effort to bounce back.

Whilst it is unlikely that the Japanese games developer will develop a smartphone of their own, due to its lack of expertise or experience in the mobile market, it is likely that formerly exclusive games from Nintendo will hit the mobile app stores.

Prices for games will obviously vary depending on age and popularity, but it’s believed that the likes of the hugely popular Pokémon games and Mario Bros games could be hitting app stores in the future.

Other games from older games consoles have seen success on the mobile market, with GTA: San Andreas the most recent big name game to hit the app stores, seeing massive success.

This is obviously huge news for Nintendo fans and gamers who haven’t played the age old classic games for a while, especially if the prices are right.

Nintendo won’t be releasing games from their 3DS line-up onto other devices however, with fears of it further denting the success Nintendo has struggled to achieve so far with recent console releases.

The most recent flop from Nintendo is the release of the Wii U, which has not been well received by consumers, with many opting for the Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

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Written by Luke Hatfield