Nexus TV Set for 2014

Nexus TV

Google is set to continue their battle with Apple next year as they are reportedly set to release their Android powered Nexus TV next year.

The system will create direct competition with Apple TV, and although it’s thought that it will not stream live TV, there are a number of features which are reported to be integrated into the set top box.

It will likely be able to stream online videos from the likes of YouTube, Hulu and Netflix as well as playing video games, creating further competition with the latest instalments of next-gen gaming, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

It’s also rumoured that Nexus TV will also involve video and motion sensor technology to help the box work with other Google features like Google Hangouts, turning your TV into a video conference tool as well.

It will also come with Google Search built in, and will run on Android 4.4 KitKat OS and help your living room work in sync with the internet to bring you all of the web into your very own TV, without having to pay out expensive costs for a Smart TV.

Although no guaranteed release date is set, it’s reported the Google will release the Nexus TV box sometime next year, maybe as early as the first half of 2014.

Written by Luke Hatfield.