Nexus 6 Coming Before Christmas?

Nexus 6

It looks like Nexus fans could be getting a brand new smartphone in their stockings this holiday season, after rumours began to make the rounds this week suggesting a new Nexus phone could be in construction.

The handset, which will be the Nexus 6, was suspected to be getting discontinued, with Google planning a new line of smartphones under the Android Silver moniker.

But, it looks like Google is sticking to the Nexus line-up, at least for the next instalment of the device anyway.

Could the Nexus 6 look like this concept?

Nexus 6 Specs?

There haven’t been many specs confirmed by the rumours, with only a 5.9” display being mentioned as of yet, making it fairly larger than all of the previous Nexus handsets.

This doesn’t come as too much of a surprise, especially considering how well phablets have been doing on the mobile market this year, with even Apple considering a phablet device for its iPhone 6 release this September.

The rumoured handset from Google does have a codename according to reports, with it currently being nicknamed ‘Shamu’, like the famous killer whale in the United States.

A fingerprint scanner has also been tipped to be included on the handset, but no information is being released to give us a possible location for the kit, which is often integrated into a physical home button on other handsets.

Of course, the Nexus 5 didn’t feature a dedicated home button that seems capable of housing a fingerprint scanner, so it looks like Google has its work cut out to include the hardware, with a likely home being somewhere on the back of the device.

Would you be happy with a Nexus 6 under your Christmas tree?

Android L

Android L is looking like the software most likely to make the cut on the Nexus 6, with the software set for a release during September or October, depending on how fast Google decide to push it out.

An interesting note to remember about the Nexus 6 though, is that the device will reportedly be manufactured by Motorola, a company which has seen success behind the likes of the Moto X.

This would also mean that a link to wearable tech should be strong, with Motorola also working heavily on the Moto 360, a smartwatch which runs Android Wear, Google’s wearable operating system.

Internal specs are open for conjecture at the moment, with many expecting a range of flagship specs which could take on the iPhone 6, but until we get official word, it’s worth taking any spec sheet rumours with a pinch of salt.

The Nexus 6 is expected to hit the market sometime this November, timing it ideally for the Christmas rush throughout December.

Of course, we’ll make sure to keep you updated with all the latest news about the Nexus 6 as it comes in, so keep your eyes and ears peeled!

So, will you be hoping to see a Nexus 6 making its way under your Christmas tree this December? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+!

Written by Luke Hatfield