Nexus 5 appears in Google Play Store

Nexus 5 Appears in Google Play Store

There'll be an employee getting their wrists slapped this morning after the Nexus 5 appeared in the Google Play Store last night, revealing key details, as well as its price tag.

The Nexus 5, according to this latest-and best- leak, will be made by LG, and will have a 5-inch screen. The device will also be available in a 16GB and 32GB variation, starting from $349 (£215).

Although this comes in at a little pricier than the Nexus 4, also made my LG, the cost of the 16GB device is roughly the same. 

The leak also confirms that the Nexus 5 will run Android Kit Kat, Google's newest version of its operating system.

Although Google has yet to officially release the Nexus 5, we're guessing a launch is just around the corner. 

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel