Next Nexus Phone to be made by Huawei

Nexus 6

Huawei has been selected as the first Chinese manufacturer to get commissioned to build a Nexus handset, if rumours about the alleged handset are to be confirmed.

Whilst the annual Nexus device is commissioned by Google, and is often referred to as the ‘Google Nexus’, it’s actually built by a different manufacturer entirely.

Last year it was Motorola that was brought in to help build the Nexus 6, whilst the Nexus 5 was manufactured by LG – and this year it seems that Huawei has got the job.

Huawei Nexus?

Could Huawei be making the next Nexus phone?

The rumours actually come direct from China, after a smartphone analyst seemingly let slip about the upcoming Nexus handset, linking it to Huawei.

However details about the device have been thin on the ground, with only the screen size and chipset being mentioned in the rumour.

They suggest that the Huawei Nexus could boast a 5.7” QHD display and a Snapdragon 810 chipset, which read a whole lot like flagship quality to us.

Huawei isn’t exactly well known for its flagship exploits however, but handsets on its Ascend line-up do tend to pack a bit of a punch, so it’s unlikely that the company will be too fazed about building one of the most anticipated phones of the year.

Other expected specs include an octa-core processor, 64GB storage and even 4GB RAM, which would make it the most powerful Nexus phone yet.

Next Nexus Name

Another big question surrounding the next Nexus phone is the name it will be given. Whilst Google has kept pretty solid with its numbered naming strategy – it now faces a dilemma.

Whilst the Nexus phone models have reached their 6th iteration, there’s already a Nexus 7 tablet, meaning some confusion could occur if the new phone was also to be called the Nexus 7.

Google might just roll with it anyway, possibly giving it the name Nexus 7 Phone, or it could go down a different route altogether by including the manufacturer name.

Rumours have also been circling of another Nexus phone this year as well, possibly made by LG. This would be the first time two Nexus handsets will have been released together, meaning that we could have a larger and smaller device.

Either way, it will be interesting to see which route Google goes down when giving the devices a name.

Motorola previously made the Nexus 6

Nexus Release Date

The Huawei Nexus phone is set to hit the market sometime later on this year, with the second LG Nexus also due at a similar time.

These rumours are still to be confirmed as well, so take them with a pinch of salt for now – but the source does appear to be reliable enough.

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Written by Luke Hatfield